Missing cat- Kit Kat from Canterbury

Kit Kat is lost from Canterbury. He's gray and white, 10 years old, and microchipped. 
If seen or found, please contact Jim.
[email protected]

Missing cat- Loki from Tilton

Loki is new to the area and was last seen around Pleasant Street in Tilton.
She is a small gray cat with a spot of white on her face and some brown on her tail. 
If you see or find her, please contact Carol at 603-520-7934.

Missing Kitties- New to the Alexandria area

Shilo- black kitty, small, on special food, may have pink eye due to illness, two white spots of fur on belly, very shy

Jinx- gray and white kitty, gray spot on chin which looks like a goatee, walks with a small limo, very friendly

Snuggle Bunny- black and white kitty, extra toes on his front paws, very friendly

Snuggle Bunny and Jinx are brothers.

If seen or found, please contact Cortney at [email protected], (603)-217-0652, or (603)726-1828.


Missing Cat- Oscar from Tilton

Keep a look out for this inside only kitty who decided to go on an outdoor adventure! Oscar is the black and white tiger. He's very friendly, but skittish. He's from off School Street/ Clark Street/ Country Meadows area in Tilton. If spotted or found, please contact Kayleigh at 603-205-3866. (8/7)

Missing Cat- Rosie from Northfield

Please keep an eye out for this beautiful girl. Rosie is a five year old black and gray tiger mix. She's missing from Sandogardy Road in Northfield. If you see her, please contact her mom, Valery, at 603-965-6641.

Stray cat found-

Cat found in the area of Spring Street.
Please call the shelter if you're missing this kitty!

Missing Schnauzer from Andover

Five year old schnauzer went rabbit chasing before his dog sitter could get a leash on him. He's gray and wearing a red collar with tags.If found please contact Kristen at 603-735-5442 or 435-338-0005.

Missing Cat- Jax from Sanbornton

Jax is on a special diet for medical issues and needs to find his way back home. Please call 603-387-1061 if you see or find him. (7/29)

Lucy is missing! 

Stay dog found-

Stay dog found in the Trail Street/ Chance Pond Area.
- Schnauzer
- 5-6 years old
- recently groomed and well taken care of
- not neutered male
- small to medium size (no more than 30 pounds)
- no microchip
- very frightened

If you're missing me, please contact the shelter with proof of ownership. (7/26)

Missing Cat- Hunter from Franklin

* 17lbs
* white bib, tummy, front paws, and white socks on rear feet
* tail always twitches
* has small notches on left ear from battles
* loving, yet skiddish
* talks much
* From 19 Hill Rd, Franklin
* Please call Cheryl if located @ 934-4268 or 934-4268.


Three year old female black cat has been missing about a week. Her family really misses her. She is a about 9 lbs. with a small white spot on her chest. Gizmo went missing near Daniel Park, at the corner of Freedom and Liberty Streets in Franklin.(5/19)