Please email us at gsalfranklin@yahoo.com if your furry family member goes missing.  If you submit a picture, we will post the picture of your pet on the website in hopes of reuniting you!  We will keep the posting on for 3 months, unless you request us to keep it on longer.  If your missing pet does find their way home, please let us know.

Are you missing me?

I was brought to the shelter by animal control 12 days ago and my owner hasn't found me yet. The shelter believes I'm a sheltie mix, possibly with Australian shepard. I've been very scared, especially of men. There is a very nice lady at the shelter and it took me 10 days not to be fearful of her. However, now that I'm feeling safe, I've shown her I'm super sweet. I have a light blue collar, but no microchip or tags.

If you know me, please call the shelter. I really want to go home!

Missing cat- Rocka from Franklin

Rocka is missing from the Summit Street area in Franklin. He has a big fluffy tail! If seen or found, please call Cora at 603-934-0357.

Missing cat- Simba from Northfield

Simba was last seen near Silver Lane in Northfield. If seen or found, please call Donna at 603-998-4818.

Missing cat- Addy from Franklin

Please keep your eyes out for Addy. Addy has been missing for three weeks from Peverly Road area. She's not wearing a collar and is very friendly.

Missing cat- Kit Kat from Canterbury

Kit Kat is lost from Canterbury. He's gray and white, 10 years old, and microchipped. 
If seen or found, please contact Jim.

Missing cat- Loki from Tilton

Loki is new to the area and was last seen around Pleasant Street in Tilton.
She is a small gray cat with a spot of white on her face and some brown on her tail. 
If you see or find her, please contact Carol at 603-520-7934.

Missing Kitties- New to the Alexandria area

Shilo- black kitty, small, on special food, may have pink eye due to illness, two white spots of fur on belly, very shy

Jinx- gray and white kitty, gray spot on chin which looks like a goatee, walks with a small limo, very friendly

Snuggle Bunny- black and white kitty, extra toes on his front paws, very friendly

Snuggle Bunny and Jinx are brothers.

If seen or found, please contact Cortney at TheCutestWhale@gmail.com, (603)-217-0652, or (603)726-1828.


Missing Cat- Rosie from Northfield

Please keep an eye out for this beautiful girl. Rosie is a five year old black and gray tiger mix. She's missing from Sandogardy Road in Northfield. If you see her, please contact her mom, Valery, at 603-965-6641.

Missing Schnauzer from Andover

Five year old schnauzer went rabbit chasing before his dog sitter could get a leash on him. He's gray and wearing a red collar with tags.If found please contact Kristen at 603-735-5442 or 435-338-0005.

Missing Cat- Jax from Sanbornton

Jax is on a special diet for medical issues and needs to find his way back home. Please call 603-387-1061 if you see or find him. (7/29)

Lucy is missing! 

Missing Cat- Hunter from Franklin

* 17lbs
* white bib, tummy, front paws, and white socks on rear feet
* tail always twitches
* has small notches on left ear from battles
* loving, yet skiddish
* talks much
* From 19 Hill Rd, Franklin
* Please call Cheryl if located @ 934-4268 or 934-4268.