Thank you to Dr. Richard Spead for is donation in memory of Louie Ervey.  2/17

As sincere "Thank You" to Barbara Buswell for her contribution in memory of Jean Wadleigh and heartfelt condolences to Jean's family  2/17

Our condolences to Andrew Face and family for the loss of their beloved pet and family member, Casey.  And thank you to GSC's HR team for their contribution in Casey's memory. 1/17

Thank you to Carla Puffinburger and to Kevin Miller for their donations in loving memory of Seth C. Miller.  12/16

Our condolences to Ina and Cyrilia King-Uguz for the loss of their dog, Hogan.  Our thanks to Kari and Jeannine Mettinen for their thoughtful donatiuobn in Hogan's memory.  12/16

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Grace Crossman Brailey for their recent loss.  Thank you to Grace's daughter, Charlotte Brailey Kneeland for her thoughtful donation in memory of her mother.

Our sincere condolences to the family of Maddy Alessandrini for their recent loss and our grateful acknowledgement of the donation of Dr. Richard J. Spead, Phd of the Spead Tax Group in Maddy's memory.  11/16

Thank you to Jennifer Sereni for her donation in honor of Rhonda who has recently retired from Avalon Animal Hospital 11/16

Our sympathy to the family of Lisa Kelly Smith for their loss and our thanks to Keyra Vaillancourt for her donation in Lisa's memory.  10/16

We are sad to hear of the passing of our friend, Roger E. Leach and our condolences go out to his loving wife, Marylou, and his family.  Thank you to the following individuals who made donations in Roger's memory.  9/16

       Joyce Clark

       Thomas & Molly Morgan

       Proctor Academy

       Raymond & Kathleen Boulanger

       James P. Allard

       Terri-Ann Vachon

       Vibram USA

      Stanley & Yvonne Weglarz

       Wendy & Mark L'Heureux

       Donna Fogg

       Douglas & Jo-ann Cooper

      Roger & Barbara Breton

       Kurt & Lisa Meier

       Ginny Newton

      Regina Morgan

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Kathleen T. Brown.  Our thank you to the following individuals who have donated in Kathleen's memory.

          Jennie Bonk

          Gloria and Bradford Crosby

Our sympathy and thanks to Lori Seog for her loss of Shoni and donations in Shoni's memory by Lori and Donna Clayton.  9/16

We offer our sympathy to the friends and family of Margie Webber Lambert for their recent loss.  Thank you to the following individuals for their thoughtful donations in Margie's memory.

                Shirley & Jack Kane

                Charlotte and Paul Kneeland

                Elaine Schaffner

                Tilton-Northfield Rotary Club

Our condolences are extended to Jean Bryson for her loss of her husband, Raymond.  Our thanks go to Jean's friends at New Hampshire Distributors for their thoughtful donation in Raymond's memory.

Thank you to following individuals for their kind donation in memory of Dorothy E. Walker and condolences to Dorothy's family and friends for their loss.

         Glendon and Margaret Knight

         Elizabeth and Calvin Brown

         Thomas and Gail Gullage

Sincere condolences to the friends and family of Megan LeValley Burley and our thanks to the following people who have made donations to the Shelter in Megan's memory.

       Brenda Seavey

       Marcia Burley

       Bruce and Ruth Whitney

       James and Barbara Crosby

       Judith and Josh Davidson

       Jesse and Rachel Carroll

       Roger and Ami Davidson

       Gina and Vicky Lanzillo



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You may also make a memorial donation by mail.  Donations should be mailed to:
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Franklin, NH 03235