The Franklin Animal Shelter provides care, protection, and new homes for the lost, neglected, abandoned, abused, and unwanted dogs and cats of Franklin, Andover, Hill, and Northfield. The success of the Shelter is the direct result of the generous support by members of the community. Although, we derive income from a number of sources, those sources fall far short of our actual financial needs to ensure the success of the shelter. Therefore, we are regularly running events and fundraisers throughout the year to supplement income. 

In addition to managing the needs of the Shelter on a day-to-day basis, the Board of Directors is working to develop plans to improve and expand our facilities and services. As a concerned supporter of the Shelter, you can help us develop and fund these plans through various forms of planned giving.

Although we are not financial or legal experts, we would be happy to answer questions you may have about the shelter, our mission, and our plans to aid you in your decision-making process.  Please contact us at 603-671-3909.


Our Legal Name:

Granite State Animal League


71 Punch Brook Road

P.O. Box 265

Franklin, NH 03235

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A pledge is a donation made in scheduled payments over a period of time. A pledge allows a supporter the ability to make a more significant commitment than they might otherwise make in a one-time donation and spread payments over any period of time of their choice. A pledge has advantages for both the donor and the Shelter. For the donor, their commitment to the Shelter and its mission can be significant but paid in periodic increments which fit comfortably into the donor's budget. Pledge payments made during the year are tax-deductible just like one-time donations. The Shelter benefits through pledges in two ways; the first being the benefit of the payments made during the pledge period. More importantly, the Shelter has the benefit of having a defined future income stream which aids financial planning.

Creating an automatic Pledged Giving Plan is very simple. Click on the button below to get started. Complete the information on the page including the amount of the periodic payment, the frequency of the payment, and the number of payments.  Enter your credit or debit card information and submit the pledge. We will take care of everything else, including sending email notifications when your periodic pledge payment has been made.

Many people have life insurance policies, Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), and other assets which allow for the naming of beneficiaries in the event of death. Donors can make deferred donations by naming the Shelter as one of the beneficiaries in those plans. A donor may designate any percentage of the benefit to the Shelter. It is a very simple process and avoids the necessity of involving legal or financial counsel. The information required to designate the Shelter as a beneficiary is listed above.

There are many types of trusts. By naming the Shelter as the beneficiary of a trust, your gift can be distributed without the probate process. The variety of trusts and their inherent benefits to the donor are varied. A donor considering a giving plan through a trust should consult a legal and financial adviser to ensure the the trust accomplishes their desired goals.

Naming the Shelter in a will allows the donor to determine the amount and timing of any gift. A will also allows the donor to name the person who will manage the gift. If you are considering naming the Shelter in your will, we suggest that you discuss this decision with your legal counsel.